The “TriviaBillionia” Mobile Game Show

TriviaBillionia is a live mobile Q&A game that allows users to show up at a predetermined time every day and answer live questions from our engaging hosts. These interactive questions appear directly over the live video with 3 multiple choice option answers to choose from.

Users keep progressing through the game with each correct answer and if they answer all questions for the day, they share in a cash prize for that day. If the fail a question along the way, they can use an extra life to get ahead, but if they fail again, he/she gets eliminated from sharing the cash prize that day, but can still stay and watch the game and learn fun interesting facts and accumulate learning points along the way.

This combination of low-latency video, user-interactivity & Local audience monetization on a platform level is enabling us to create awesome new internet experiences for people in emerging markets.
The first of these experiences is what we call TriviaBillionia.

Trivia Billionia is launching soon in Nigeria, then across Africa!



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