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Audience engagement & activation… like never before!

Who We Are

“In Africa & similar markets, one of the big barriers to really getting on the internet for many people is a language and relatable interactive content barrier. This is why in Nigeria; Yoruba, Hausa, and “Nigerian” English videos are what trends on YouTube/Facebook weekly. Human-centered local videos and stories are what move local audiences.

If you can add audience monetization, viewer rewards, and other user interactivity elements, you have a real emerging market game-changer. And that’s what we have with the Oval interactive platform.”

What We Do

The internet started with text, then pictures and now we are in the video era, with the next stage being interactive video in Africa particularly, there is an explosion of video with the rise of mobile devices and cheaper internet.

Nigeria has over 20m people on social media which many are becoming content creators themselves. I call them the mobile-first, video first generation… still, the true potential of video for creator monetization, learning, commerce, and even entertainment remains to be explored.

In Oval interactive, we have built a unique platform and technologies that are enabling interactive video. We combine cloud technology that enable low-latency video streaming with web and mobile interfaces that allow greater user interaction, data collection and audience monetization.”

Our Mission

To connect with, engage, and transform the next billion people coming actively online via meaningful mobile experiences.

Our Vision

To become the most exciting mobile engagement company in Africa.

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Our Team

Silas Okwoche


Folabi Esan


Bas Hoefman

Intl Expansion

Oje Unuigboje

Production lead

Chioma Igwe

Creative Direction

Victor Abati

Video experiences lead

Thami Frama

UI/UX Lead

Abiodun Adeola

Broadcast Engineering lead

Eniola Itoki

Content Analyst & Presenter

Biola Alabi